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Popular Garden Pod Uses

Garden Pod Ideas Having a new room added to your home opens up countless exciting possibilities for what you can do with your new personal space. Most people will find that they have a need for extra space before choosing a garden room as a solution. Here are a...

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Contract Build Or DIY

Self Build Or Pay For Build With our SIPs kits being delivered as a flat pack solution, there is the option to build your garden room yourself. If you are advanced in the application of DIY or if you are a tradesperson working in the construction industry, then assembling...

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Garden pod

Get a Pod – Get More Room!

Garden Pods Garden pods are like having an extra room for your home. Many people, who have never seen or walked around inside a garden pod, assume that they are nothing more than a garden shed with a fancy name. Whilst it is true that for a very long...

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Living With Your New Pod

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Inside Your Pod – Ideas

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