Get a Pod – Get More Room!

Garden pod

Get a Pod – Get More Room!

Garden Pods

Garden pods are like having an extra room for your home. Many people, who have never seen or walked around inside a garden pod, assume that they are nothing more than a garden shed with a fancy name. Whilst it is true that for a very long time the only structures you would find in a garden were summer houses and garden sheds, glady things have moved on since those pre SIPs days.

Imagine if you were to slide a room out of your house, complete with electricity, heating, plastered and painted walls, ceiling spotlights and double glazing and then place it into your garden – that is a Garden Pod. Garden Pods fully functional rooms that offer all the comforts of your main house with the added advantage of solitude and a perfect view of your garden.

Garden Pods Use Cases

The beauty of garden pods is that you can design them from the ground up with a very specific purpose in mind.  Some people like the idea of a private space away from the main house where they can work or relax or enjoy a hobby without being interrupted by the usual noises and hustle and bustle of a family home?

People who would like to have a home office, a dedicated games room or need quiet to pursue a hobby have found that garden pods are the ideal solution. Do you work from home? Are you a budding author working on your first book? Would you like a separate room for you and your friends chill with a couple of drinks whilst playing the latest console game and shooting some pool?  Are you a painter? Artist? Would you like a dedicated spa to just soak away the rigors of a hard day? Then A garden pod may be for you.
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