Preparing Your Garden Pod For A Heatwave

Preparing Your Garden Pod For A Heatwave

This is has been one of the hottest weeks we’ve ever experienced in the UK, and the high temperatures are showing no sign of abating any time soon. Many of us are having to turn up to work in shorts and t-shirts, while the rest of us are constantly wrestling with our tie knots as we seek a way to cool down a little bit.

In such scorching heat, you might find that your garden pod has turned into something of a sauna, as it sits out there in your back yard and unknowingly soaks up an awful lot of sunshine. This means that the idea of enjoying your garden pod in such conditions might be as far to the back of your mind as it can go- which is a real shame, because hot weather is the best time to enjoy your pod!

We’re here at PS Contracts to give you some quick tips on keeping your garden pod cool this summer, so that you can really make the most of it during hot weather:

  • If you’re really concerned about your pod getting too hot during the summer, then you can start things off by installing the pod in an area that’s well shaded. With a large tree protected your pod from the majority of the sun’s glare, you’ll soon have a lovely, cool place to relax in.
  • Many garden pod owners make sure to install some sort of air conditioning system into their pod, and this is something we’d recommend doing during hot weather. When it’s so hot and humid, it can be hard to find somewhere to cool down in- but your very own air conditioned pod could be the best place to combat the heat!
  • This may sound incredibly obvious, but combatting the heat can be achieved by something as simple as leaving the door open. By allowing a fresh breeze through your open doorway, you’ll prevent the risk of your pod turning into some sort of boiling greenhouse!

Summer is the best time of year for you to enjoy your outdoor space, and that’s why our garden pods are so popular right now!

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