Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Island

Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Island

As one of the most popular features of the modern kitchen, an island is a separate worktop which is often located directly in the centre. It gets its name from the lack of attachment it has to fitted worktops. Here at PS Contracts, we believe that a kitchen island is one of the most cost-effective investment a homeowner can make during a renovation and, in this blog, we’ve decided to go over three reasons why. Read on to find out more…

Can a kitchen island be used for food preparation?

Most property owners choose to design their kitchen island with the same countertop and cabinets as their fitted worktops and this means that the extra space can be used in order to prepare food with ease, especially in a garden room. In fact, it is also possible to have the oven and hobs fitted into a kitchen island in order to increase the space and allow homeowners to cook more effectively.

Are kitchen islands aesthetically pleasing?

The biggest misconception that a homeowner may have about investing in a kitchen island is its aesthetical value. After all, they can look out of place without the expertise of a professional interior decorator to advise a client on the design of their kitchen. Luckily, an island is very easy to implement, even into existing designs, which means that they are one of the most popular decorative features on the market.

How much does a kitchen island cost to install?

Since there are a wide range of different designs available on the market, it is impossible to give clients a figure regarding the cost of a kitchen island. After all, some materials are more expensive than others and the cost can depend on the extent of the project that a homeowner is investing in. Luckily, a kitchen island can be installed on a budget which means that every property owner can revel in the benefits regardless of their bank balance.

Since a kitchen island exists separately from a traditional fitted worktop, it is important that homeowners have enough space to account for them. As a result, some kitchens may not be suitable for the installation of an island at all. Here at PS Contracts, we believe in ethical and honest business which is why we always advise our clients on the most effective design in order to offer value for money and longevity. To find out more information about investing in a kitchen island, get in contact with a member of the PS Contracts team today!

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