The Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen

The Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen

Although it may seem like a new trend, minimalism has been around since the 1950’s and has taken various different forms over the years. For example, many people have a minimalist wardrobe whereas others prefer to implement minimalist trends into their interior design. Here at PS Contracts, our team work hard in order to bring our clients visions to life. Read on as we go over three characteristics of a minimalist kitchen…

Clutter Free

When it comes to minimalist designs, there is often a big focus on the sheer lack of clutter. After all, minimalists prefer to give every item a purpose and do not like to place things inside their home that will affect the aesthetic that they are hoping to achieve. In fact, a clutter-free finish is a very important characteristic of minimalist kitchens and it is something that an interior designer must word hard to achieve by ensuring that there is adequate storage.

Colour Co-Ordination

A minimalist kitchen is thought to be the opposite of traditional 1960’s décor because the colours are chosen very specifically in order to balance the interior and ensure that the finished design is not too overwhelming. In fact, bright colours and bold patterns would never find themselves inside a minimalist kitchen because a characteristic implementation is the use of a single texture that is complemented by one or two similar colours.

Clean and Simple

The idea of minimalism is to celebrate the beauty of material, colour and design which is why many minimalist kitchens utilise clean-lines and simple installations. After all, it is very easy to overdo a design by adding too many appliances, colours and attention-grabbing features. As a result, a characteristic minimalist kitchen can be noted by its clean and simple finish.

A minimalist kitchen is not for the faint-hearted. After all, the implementation of clean-lines and removal of clutter is carefully done so in order to provide clients with an aesthetic finish that captures their vision perfectly. To find out more information about the features that can be found inside minimalist kitchens, get in contact with a member of the PS Contracts team today!

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