Ground Works and Fitting

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Ground Screws & Mini Pile Foundations


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Groundworks are just as important as the building itself. 

  1. This is the steel screw pile system. Many companies offer this service. A typical install would cost from £1500 to £3000 and job is done in a few hours. However I must stress that the ground conditions must be suitable for this system. A test drill will find this out. If successful then happy days if not then options 2 and 3 apply. It will cost £250 plus VAT for a test drill.
  2. Another method is concrete piles which is just as effective. Basically you dig down 500mm and lay numerous concrete piles. This is a cheaper method but takes a day to install and a day to dry with quick set. This typically costs anywhere from £900 to £1900.
  3. The famous concrete slab is a favourite for foundations. This is a cheaper method and most contractors know how to lay one. This typically would cost anywhere from £400 to £1200.
  4. Whichever method you choose to use you must still lay a wooden frame on top of pile to allow the SIPs floor to lay on. The SIPs floor must be raised so that air can get under and ventilate. This also stops any potential creaking from a SIPs floor especially over longer spans.
  5. The whole idea of us offering you the SIPs kits is so that you can save money. The foundations are your choice and all 3 options work. The decision you make is up to you. We have given you the costings so you can make your mind up quickly to purchase the Garden room SIPs kit.
  6. We can help you with the install for your foundation choice. Please speak to our sales team on 0800 920 2838
  7.  Please speak with our sales team also about the installation or what is known as the “dry fit”. We can install your SIPs garden room. We offer this as a bolt on service should you not wish to carry out the install yourself. This cost varies from £3000 to £5000. We have approved SIPs installers. Please be aware that in most cases the fitting teams have to stay in digs and travel to you.
  8. The dry fit includes fitting the SIPs kit, roof, window/doors and exterior cladding. We will complete the structure and you will have a finished exterior building. All that is left for you to do is the interior such as wiring, internal cladding and final flooring and final fixings such as lights and heating etc. Most contractors or able DIYers can do this themselves. This is the easy part.
  9. Any questions please call us on 0800 920 2838
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