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Structural Insulated Panels

All of our kits are built using Structural Insulated Panels from floor to ceiling

We have a wealth of knowledge in the construction, Landscaping and Timber Products Manufacture sectors.

We have combined our experiences to design a system which is truly unique and have introduced it to many sectors in the UK.

Predominately the sips system is used to build houses, initially in America and Europe since the 1930’s, but is becoming the Architects and contractors preferred method of building here in the UK.

How your kit arrives

With PS Contracts SIPs Modular Build, you can depend on speedy construction using our own SIPs, competitive pricing and the highest quality all in one package. We operate out of our factory with a workforce of skilled personnel to manufacture Leisure buildings and modular units from scratch. At the heart of it all are stringent quality controls that take the standards of leisure building construction to new levels.

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External Cladding

Structural Insulated Panels are a perfect fit for the home improvement market and leisure sector. With their high thermal values for year-round comfort plus the ease with which the buildings can be pre-assembled and simply dropped into place on-site, they offer fantastic efficiencies. The adaptability and speed of construction, the styling flexibility and high performance, combined with cost savings, means no other form of construction comes close.






All our building Structures are built with the innovative Sip Building system

Americans and most of Europe have built houses with sips since the 1930’s, and with the change in building regulations for u values sips are becoming the forefront of design here in the UK.

PS Contracts have adapted this system to produce the next generation of buildings incorporating all the following benefits:

An All In One Kit Solution

Everything you need comes in the box!

We then combined all the accessories you will need to construct your buildings, from windows and doors, roof coverings, to Cladding options and much more. All can be purchased from one manufacturer, in one kit, delivered direct to the customer.

PS Contracts offer a diverse range of buildings and kits which are ready to buy in a standard kit, or a full bespoke design with a CAD drawn service to create those one off spaces.

We look forward to working with you.

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