Sips Garden Rooms

sips garden room made into a spa

SIPs Garden Rooms – Your Garden Space Evolved

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£8,181 – Or From

£118.30 Per Month

Home Office SIPs Kit

  • 2.4m x 2.4m to 4.8m x 3.0m
  • Cedral Composite Cladding
  • Finance options available NOW
  • Superb for small home offices

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£13,325 – Or From

£192.68 Per Month


  • 4.4m x 3.2m to 6.2m x 4.4m
  • Cedral Composite Cladding
  • Finance options available NOW
  • Home office for the larger area

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£13,515 – Or From

£195.43 Per Month


  • 4.4m x 3.2m to 6.2m x 4.4m
  • Cedral Composite Cladding
  • Finance options available NOW
  • Epic Design and larger space

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Let’s Start Your Journey

SIPs garden rooms bring an added dimension to your garden area, giving your home an individual look whilst providing you with a personal space that you can use away from your main house.

Sometimes we have a need for focus or relaxation away from the usual hustle and bustle that surrounds us in our daily life. Sips Garden Rooms provide you a way of removing yourself to a tailor made space that will allow you to concentrate whilst enjoying views of your garden.

SIPs garden rooms are a modular construction that can be easily and quickly built either by yourself or by one of our professional build teams.
SIPs garden rooms bring an added dimension to your garden area, giving your home an individual look whilst providing you with a personal space that you can use away from your main house.

garden pod desk, woman dips a tea bag into a cup whilst working on a laptop

SIPs Garden Rooms Explained

SIPs garden rooms main building components are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which consist of two oriented strand boards that hold an insulated foam between them. These SIPs panels are pre-built at our factory where we can shape them to fit any design needed. The composite construction of the boards incorporating the insulating foam means that your room will remain warm in winter and cool in summer.

Each SIP has a given U Value which is directly linked to the SIP’s thickness. A U Value is a method of measurement that informs us of how easily heat passes through a wall. We use 4 thicknesses here at PS Contracts: 72mm, 98mm, 122mm & 147mm. You can see their U Values below. Remember, the lower the number, the better the insulation and thermal retention.

SIPs Thickness in millimeters and their U values and weight in KG

SIP Thickness 72mm 98mm 122mm 147mm
U Value (lower is better) 0.44 0.29 0.22 0.17
Weight per 1.2 x 2.4 Meter Panel 46kg 49kg 52kg 55kg
SIPs cut away showing different layers making up the panel

All our SIPs rooms come with double glazed windows and doors which also aids stabilizing room temperatures and provides a professional touch to your room.


The External finish for your SIPs garden room is provided by either redwood pine cladding or cedar cladding. Both of these options deliver outstanding looks and durable long lasting weather protection.


The roof is fitted with a rubber covered EPDM flat roofing solution which fits perfectly for SIPs garden room builds and offers durability and weather protection that is second to none.

Call our team anytime to discuss which SIPs kit best fits your needs: 0800 920 2838

Sips Garden Room Kits

Our sips garden room kits are ideal for any DIY enthusiast.The sips garden room kits are delivered with everything you need to complete your build.

Our Sips kits are very popular with DIY enthusiasts and people with experience in the building trade. Their flat pack modular nature makes them easy to fit together and make for a project that can be completed in a matter of days.

If you want your sips garden room kits UK based, then you’re in luck. Our kits are made in the UK and we deliver to the UK mainland.

Do you have a project in mind? Are you planning on building a SIPs garden office with your kit or maybe a home gym or garden bar with breakout area. Garden rooms are as versatile as you need them to be and the possibilities are endless with what you can achieve; from art studio to sensory relaxation room, whatever you can imagine, you can make it.

Call our team today for a chat, let’s start your journey to your ideal garden room.

SIPs Garden Rooms – Planning Your Personal Space To House Your Passion

Sips Garden Rooms become as individual as the people who use them. We all have a good idea just what we would use our own room for, be it a relaxation area, a work area or a hobby room. Planning what you will use your Sips Garden Room for is part of the excitement of the build. Do you need a smaller cozy space from which to work or a larger room to make into your own garden bar complete with sliding front door access to allow guests easy access to mingle?

Your room can be whatever you need or would like it to be. Check out this list of garden room uses.

  • Personal Gym
  • Home Cinema Room
  • Hobby Space
  • Painting Studio
  • Garden Room Office
  • Garden Bar
  • Music Chilling Room
  • Video Games and Pool Room
  • Spa / Relaxation Room
  • Photography Studio
  • Annex / Living Space
sips garden room home office
sips garden room home cinema showing a movie screen

SIPs Garden Rooms as a Home Cinema

Sips Garden Rooms make great home cinemas and are ideal for film enthusiasts who love the big screen and want a dedicated room to enjoy their passion. Whether you kit your room out with a projector setup or an extra large TV, you will be enjoying the big screen experience in your own garden.

There is nothing better than sinking down in big comfy chairs and watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Work a surround sound system into your build so that film puts you in the centre of the action.

Dimmer lights and mood lights are also a great idea for a home cinema, so you can get the atmosphere just right!

Movie nights are better with friends, so make sure you have enough seating so everyone can enjoy the screen in comfort. Add a small bottle fridge and a microwave for easy access to your favorite drink and hot popcorn and every night can be night at the movies.

SIPs Garden Rooms Make Great Offices

SIPs garden rooms are an ideal solution if you need a home office. If you sometimes work from home, a SIPs garden room is the ideal place to get your work done. Build your room with productivity in mind making sure that you have access to home wifi and kit it out with all those things that make your working life easier.


One of the great things about having a garden office is that you can furnish and decorate your space in a way that is personal to you rather than the corporate gray scheme of your work office. Your individual touches and view looking out over your garden will make your personal office a place you will want to spend time in.


Expect your productivity and your creativity to increase as your office garden room gives you a quiet space that promotes uninterrupted focus. Being apart from your main house means that all those usually family distractions are removed so you can zero in on your work. Add a filter coffee machine (or tea!) and a small sound system to listen to your preferred work music and you will find your office hours flying by.

sips garden rooms home office showing laptop and window
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Manufacturers Of Premium SIPs Self Build Flat Pack Garden Rooms

Supplied Flat Packed To You

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PS Contracts produce quality Sips panels for structures and buildings. Manufactured in the UK.
We create flat pack SIPs kits for our standard buildings to be built quickly and efficiently. Sips enable us to offer the buildings of the future with cutting edge design.

For use as Garden rooms, Bolt on Extensions, Replacement conservatories, Garden offices, Play rooms, Jacuzzi Rooms, Man Caves and so much more!
SIPs Structural Insulated Panels. The latest proven innovative building materials and eco friendly with literally no heat loss. Bricks, mortar and Victorian build is now coming to an end, finally! All Pods come with available finance options.

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garden room finance available

Finance Your SIPs Garden Room

Typical Finance Example:

Cost of Goods £12,995. Deposit Payable of £3000. Balance to Finance of £9995. then 120 payments of £144.53. (APR 12.9%). Loan can be repaid in full at any time within the 120 months period. Over payments are permissible to reduce the interest. Total Repayable of £17,343.32. Subject to status. We can arrange payments from 24 months to 120 months to suit affordability. (The same amount over 60 months is £223.30 per month. Total Repayable is £13,398)
Applicants must be homeowners and in full time Employment. ADVERSE CREDIT CONSIDERED. We are Fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No 714721. We are a Credit Broker and not a Lender. We offer Credit Facilities from a Panel of Lenders. FIND OUT MORE HERE

Your Spa / Relaxation room Via A SIPs Garden Room

Create a SIPs Garden Room Spa and escape to your own slice of tranquility after a long hard day. Having a dedicated room whose sole purpose is to aid relaxation and promote mental well being is a space we should all have. The fact that your spa is in your garden and away from the main house with all its family noise and hustle and bustle only helps promote your relaxation.

Some of our clients have furnished their relaxation rooms with a purpose built Chaise Lounge to aid their relaxation, along with soft lights via candles and a sound system for soothing chill out music. Others have added a whirlpool bath for the full spa experience. Mini fridge is optional, but you really wouldn’t want your after work relaxation drink to get warm…..

sips garden room bar

SIPs Garden Room Bar

SIPs garden rooms make an excellent bar. Are you a social kind of person? Do you enjoy having friends round for dinner parties or just drinks and a catch up? Having your own bar in your garden is a great way entertaining your guests after the plates have been cleared.


If you owned a bar, what would it be called? What drinks would you serve and what music would you play? These are the important questions that need answers when planning your garden bar.


Install a beer pump and a rack for your optics and a fridge for your bubbly & ice and you might find you have difficulty getting rid of your friends at last orders!


Some of our clients have created an external area outside their bar with comfy seats and a fire pit for both their friends to enjoy and also themselves after a long day, putting your feet up with a glass of something nice over ice is a great way to unwind.

SIPs Garden Rooms – Ideal In All Four Seasons

sips garden rooms winter snow view

Our SIPs Garden Rooms are made to withstand the very best and very worst the English weather and our seasons throw at us. We use only the bestStructural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which are proven to help keep the cold at bay in winter and maintain a cool atmosphere in summer.


As your SIPs garden room is by its very definition a single room, and the fact that it is an insulated single room means that is so it is easy to bring up to the correct temperature in winter or down in summer with only the most modest of heating / cooling solutions.


Your SIPs garden room should be a part of your daily life no matter the weather, which why wonky use the best materials when creating our SIPs kits. If your garden is a winter wonderland and the snow is falling, enjoy it from the comfort of your SIPs room, if it’s mid summer and the heat is up and the sunflowers are out, enjoy the view from your nice aircooled room.

SIPs garden rooms showing flowers and a path

SIPs Garden Rooms – Planning Permission

picture of a plan for a SIPs Garden Room

SIPs garden rooms that are below a regulated size are allowed to be built without planning permission.

Here at PS Contracts we supply and build SIPs garden rooms that allow permitted development. Larger garden rooms are available if you need a bigger construction. Ring our team for more details on all of our rooms and their sizes: 0800 920 2838

For more information about planning requirements please visit the planning portal at:

Delivery Of Your SIPs Garden Room Kit

Here at PS Contracts we offer you the flexibility to either build your own SIPs Garden Room, or contract us to build it for you. If you would like to know more about our build & fitting service, contact our team on 0800 920 2838 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

PS Contracts SIPs Garden Rooms

Our current offering includes three architecturally designed Garden rooms which can be modified to best fit your needs and make optimum use of your garden. We have the Office Garden Room POD kit in three sizes and the Opulence and Dulux Kits each come in 12 sizes. Each of our SIPs garden rooms are a creative reflection of contemporary, modern living. Depending on your implementation, most times our SIPs garden rooms do not need planning permission and can be put together by yourself and be operational in just one to two weeks.

Financing your build with PS Contracts.

For as little as £85 per month you could be sitting in your own, purpose built Garden Room.  Our finance packages will allow you to spread the cost of your build over a repayment term that best suits you. PS Contracts have different Finance Packages for you to choose from – Call our team today to discuss which of our deals best suits you: 0800 920 2838

For more details or read more of our finance details here.

Your Questions Answered

Will I have to get planning permission for a garden room installation?

Most garden rooms do not require planning permission.  There are certain circumstances where planning permission is required by Law and we advise you contact your local planning department if you are unsure.  In our experience most Garden Rooms do not need planning permission and all of our rooms are within the allowed dimensions for domestic dwellings.  There are positioning restrictions may apply and if your  property is on a heritage or a listed site you will need to gain advice from the local planning authority. Please call our sales team for further advice.

What preparation do I need to do to the site before installation?

Your site will need clearing by yourselves and we suggest to our clients that they  use either a concrete slab or Ground screws.  There are other methods you can use such as prefabricated steel or timber frame structures or preformed concrete pads. All of the Sips kits we offer are a range of standard sizes. Chat to our sales team for further information on 0800 920 2838

Will I be able to choose extra windows, or move the position/dimensions from the plans?

P.S Contracts only offers standard sizes. Currently we do not cater for  bespoke sizes.  Chat with our sales staff about your project. Structural integrity is important and cannot be compromised but we aim to deliver your dream space. Call our sales team for further guidance.

Will I be able to decide where my electrical sockets and switches and lights units are placed?

Yes! Though they must  conform to electrical codes of practice. Your electrician will be able to advise you on this.

Do you provide a custom install and build service?

Yes we do, though our SIPs kit is constructed to a high standard and we supply all screws, glues and fixings for a manual self build. Any joiner or competent DIY person can install one of our kits.  Chat to our sales team on 0800 920 2838 for more guidance on our build and install services.

Are your garden rooms secure?

Our garden rooms is designed with foreplanning for security, all windows and doors meet industry standards  to ensure they will pass home insurance levels of security.

What is the estimated build time of my garden room?

Build time will depend on access to your build area, the site preparation (ground levelling), and  any upgrades or specification changes you may have ordered. Usual build time for standard units on a level ground is about two-three days, this will see the room erected and watertight.   We try to allow another two days for the interior and exterior cladding; electrical wiring typically will add another two days.  This is considered to be a fast build when compared to regular building work and extensions.

Will I need to insulate my Garden Room?

You will not have to insulate your garden room.  The Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) technology we  use to construct our  rooms is built with insulating properties during manufacture. SIP’s panels are used for the buildings floors, walls and ceilings.

Where can I put my garden room on my property?

Unfortunately there are some restrictions, though these are not too harsh and usually you can place your room more or less where you want it. Be mindful of utilities routing.

Can I have a water and electricity in my garden room?

Yes you can. Your chosen Utilities companies will carry out necessary work to your underground supply pipes. Please be aware that planning permission will be required if your garden room is to be used as a living/sleeping accommodation.

Are there any guarantees for materials and works?

Yes, our kits carry manufacturers guarantees on all materials supplied by P.S Contracts.  Have a chat with our team for more information: 0800 920 2838

Do you offer any finance for your SIPs Garden Kits?

Yes! PS Contracts has a range of different finance payment packages. Call our our sales and finance team for a friendly informal chat: 0800 920 2838

Do you offer a delivery service?

Yes, we  are able to deliver throughout the UK.  Deliver costs can vary between  £350-£1000 depending on where you are in the UK. Our flat pack garden rooms are shipped  from our Blackburn factory.

Is anyone able to build and install this kit?

If you are competent at DIY or if you are already working in the building trade then then answer to this is yes  If you skills lie elsewhere then we suggest that you seek the help of a joiner to do the install. P.S. Contracts SIPs Garden Rooms have been made with simplicity of construction in mind.

I have a sloping garden, will this affect the build?

Yes.  You will need to level the ground and build a retaining wall.  Checking with the planning office is a good idea to see at what height the 2.5m allowed for permitted development starts.

Can I attach my new garden room to an existing building?

Yes. If you leave the original wall or door in place then the build will fall under the rules for permitted development.  Removing a wall or will mean the garden room becomes part of the house and therefore will need planning permission.

Is the garden room supplied with all the screws and fixings needed?

Yes.  We give you all the fixings and screws need to complete your build.

Do you provide advice / help service for building my new garden room?

We provide full instructions for building your new garden room we do have a fitting / build service.

I have access issues to my build site. Can my garden room still be delivered and installed?

Yes.  Our garden rooms are delivered in modular pieces and if need be can be hand loaded off the pallets and carried through a home doorway.

Benefits of SIPs

  1. Better energy efficiency, our U-values are as low as 0.10 W/m²•K  which saves energy and reduces running costs.
  2. SIPs Minimises cold bridging. The Y-value is the total loss of heat expected from all thermal bridge losses in all of the buildings junctions. PS Contracts  SIPs rooms have a typical Y-value of 0.025 W/m².K which exceeds the construction details values of 0.08 and 0.04 W/m².K respectively.
  3. Build Speed. Rapid assembly is possible due to the large format SIPS system which lowers build time and reduces construction cost.
  4. Superior air tightness performance. A low number of panel joints by virtue of our large format panels combined with tight panel tolerances of ±2mm.
  5. Rare construction defects. The solid construction of the SIP system eliminates building settlement upon completion – this results in a reduction of time required for post-construction snagging.
  6. Environmentally friendly. SIPs contribute positively to the environment and help to lower CO2 levels. Only recyclable materials are used in manufacture and construction of our SIPs.
sips garden room window looking out over a sea view




Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are the ideal addition to your home if you would like to expand its available room space. Easy to assemble, garden rooms can be used as home offices, home gyms, garden bars or just an extra fun room in your garden for you and your friends to hang out.

Do you have a need for an extra room in your home?  Many people find that they require extra space for a hobby or for work that their current house cannot provide.  Or it may be that you have a garden that you love and would like a room situated somewhere within its bounds so that you can appreciate it more.  There is nothing nicer than being able to work or relax in a beautiful purpose built room and enjoy your garden at the same time.

All About Garden Rooms

The mental image that many of us get when thinking about garden rooms are calm relaxing spaces in which to escape the hustle and bustle of the main house so that we can either just take in the garden or be surrounded by our garden as we apply ourselves to either work or a hobby.  The nature noises of the garden help tune out distractions allowing us to be more productive, taking advantage of the positive atmosphere a garden room provides.

Outdoor rooms have been a feature in gardens for many years. Historically known as Summer Houses, they are spaces that allow us to enjoy our little slice of nature from the civilized comfort of a purpose built room.

With modern technology, garden rooms are now created from pre cut flat packs that can be assembled quickly and easily.

They are usually built separate from the house with a specific purpose in mind, be it rec room, office space or relaxation area.  Garden Rooms really do give you the ability to create a small intimate space that is an extension of yourself that you can really enjoy, a little escapism that breaks you away from your main home building.

Garden rooms come in many shapes and sizes to fully accommodate any needs you may have.  Most can be built without planning permission and their level of finish depends on only your allotted budget.  Some people do not need every whistle and bell for their requirements, whilst others want only the very best for their garden retreats.  All tastes and all budgets/needs can be catered for.

Example Uses For Garden Rooms.

When planning garden rooms, it is best to have a specific purpose in mind.  Most people turn to a garden room as a solution to the particular problem of available space in their main house, or the need for peace and quiet away from a particular boisterous home so that they can concentrate on productivity or to relax.

Garden room in a dark colour with tinted glass in a garden setting

Here is a list of what people are using their garden rooms for:

Home Office
Breakout / Games Room
Home Pub
Home Cinema
Hobby Room
Collectors Room
Music Room
Sensory Relaxation Room

Garden Rooms As A Home Office

Garden rooms make a great home office and is a great way to improve your productivity as you work. The ability to break away from the bustle of a busy home and seclude yourself in a purpose built work space can really aid your focus and removes the stress of trying to hit important deadlines whilst other members of your house go about their normal lives. No more telling younger children to turn down the cartoons or the older children to turn down their top 40 covers; it’s just you focusing on the job at hand.  Add to that some freshly brewed coffee and some of your favorite productivity music and you can see why lots of people make a garden room home office their preferred work space.

Garden Rooms As Breakout / Game Spaces

Sometimes you just want to have some friends over, lounge in comfy chairs, shoot some pool or break out your favourite console for a co-op session of taking out some bad guys. Garden rooms are the perfect place to chill with friends and play some games as you catch up. Throw a mini fridge into the mix with some choice bottles of your favourite tipple and you are in for a fun get together.

Switch out the tipple for pop and you have a great space for the kids to hang out, a space of their own that leaves the rest of the house blissfully quiet (that is until the pop and snacks run out…..)

Garden Rooms Make Excellent Gyms

Garden rooms are a great option for your home gym.  They are affordable and convenient way of keeping in shape in total privacy. Never miss a gym session again because of time restraints or travel problems. With your gym right there in your garden, you can work out for as long as you like without interruptions from other gym members. Being away from the house means that you can concentrate on your exercises and get into the zone without the danger of your focus being broken by the rest of your family.

Garden Rooms Are Your New Pubs

Garden rooms can be made out to be a functioning pub / bar is a great way to entertain guests. When you really want to move the party out of the house into the open air, a conveniently located pub at the end of the garden is a great boon. Optics on the back wall, bar out front sporting a beer pump and bucket of champagne on ice and you will be serving up a storm.

Garden Rooms for Hobbies

Garden rooms are a great choice if you want to purposely build a space to help you fully pursue and enjoy your hobby. Once you decide to build your own specifically to house and enjoy your hobby you can really customise it to exactly what you need. From artists, painters, photographers to model makers, authors and fashion designers; all can benefit from a purpose made space for them to follow their passion.

Garden Rooms For All Year Round Use

Our garden rooms are made with insulated sip panels, insulated splines and have double glazed windows and doors, making them perfect for all year round use.

In the UK we are blessed with 4 evenly spaced seasons and we understand that it can get quite hot in summer and a bit nippy in winter, which is why all of our garden rooms are made with fully insulated panels and splines. Insulated panels and joins will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Needless to say that insulated panels will not be all you will need, but coupled with a small modest heating and cooling solutions, they will definitely keep your room at the right temperature once you have it exactly how you like it.

There is nothing better than watching the weather rage outside while you work or relax in your nice warm garden room, or walking into your room from your hot summer garden and feel that air conditioned coolness wash over you.

We want you to enjoy your garden room to the max, so we only use the best fully insulated materials in our flatpack kits.

Planning Permission And Garden Rooms

Most garden rooms do not require planning permission if they are below a regulated size.

All the garden rooms that we supply are of a size that allow permitted development.



What Your Garden Room Kit Will Contain

Your flatpack garden room will be shipped to you containing everything needed to complete its construction. The list of supplied items includes:

Fully insulated sip panels for the building structure.
Insulated splines to join panels.
C24 treated timber for structural edges and joiners.
Breathable membrane.
Battens and choice of either Cedar or Redwood pine cladding.
EPDM rubber roofing kit with trims.
Fixing kit and full instructions and timber cutting list.
UPVC double glazed windows and doors.

Please remember to store your panels in a dry area as wet conditions can adversely affect their performance and may lead to fitting problems. Be sure to fit your panels in dry weather conditions as rain can swell the seams.

The secret to a good start to your garden room construction is a good foundation from which to build. Fix or Anchor your room to the base or piles. Ensure your base is level before proceeding with the build.

Garden Room Assembly Service

If you feel that you are not ready for performing a full build of your garden room yourself, you will be glad to know that we offer a full build option. We have a professional team of room builders and fitters who will build your garden room to your exact specification, fit and finish. Call us today for details: 0800 920 2838

Call Our Sales & Finance Team