Different Types of Stove Tops

Different Types of Stove Tops

There are several small components within a kitchen that may not seem very important but they can make a big difference to a property owner or garden rooms owner. In fact, the type of stove top that is installed is one of them. After all, these appliances, especially those that are built into the work surface, are not very easy to replace which is why the client must research the benefits and cooking potential of the different options prior to purchase. Read on as the team here at PS Contracts go over the top three…

Traditional Gas

For those with a passion for cooking, the quick temperature changes and ease of use with most cooking equipment makes gas cooktops a very popular installation choice. After all, they allow homeowners to bring a dish to the boil and immediately reduce it down to a simmer in seconds and these benefits are propelled even further by the affordability of the design. With this said, gas stoves use an open flame which can be dangerous around investigative children.

Electric Smooth

Homeowners with aesthetics in mind tend to prefer the sleek and elegant design of an electric smooth cooktop. After all, they are traditionally made from glass which makes them very easy and simple to clean and there are no crevices where food can hide and spoil over time. With this said, the cooking quality of an electrical stovetop is considerably lower than gas because the temperatures cannot be controlled with such speed and versatility.


Since the open flames of gas and the inability to know when an electric, smooth stove top is still hot after use can be dangerous around children, many families are drawn to a new type of cooking technology known as induction cooktops. They work using electromagnetic heating technology and only create heat when the burner makes contract with induction equipment and other magnetic materials. As a result, forgetting to turn off a burner means that children and pets will not be put in danger and these cooktops are just as easy to clean as an electric smooth surface.

Here at PS Contracts, we aim for customer satisfaction during every project we carry out and that is why we work hand in hand with our clients in order to ensure that they pick the most appropriate features, even when it comes to small details like the type of stove top that is installed. After all, gas can be a difficult cooking medium for those who are not used to its power. To find out more information about kitchen redesign, get in contact with the best kitchens Cheshire has to offer and speak to a member of the PS Contracts team today!

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