The Benefits of Handle-less Kitchens

The Benefits of Handle-less Kitchens

It is safe to say that the features implemented in a modern kitchen are a far-cry from the bright and contrasting colours that we loved by many in the 50’s. In fact, contemporary designs have jumped on board the minimalism bandwagon as homeowners aim for an eye-catching interior that remains practical and functional. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of handle-less kitchens…

Are handle-less kitchens aesthetically pleasing?

It is thought that once a property owner implements handle-less features in their home, it is impossible to go back! After all, the sleek design creates bold and eye-catching shapes that can increase the size of a kitchen and modernise the entire property. As a result, handle-less cupboards and drawers are often implemented aesthetically because they have the ability to change the ambiance of a room with ease.  

Do handle-less kitchen cupboards improve safety?

It is no secret that children are inquisitive by nature and this can lead to a lot of bumps and bruises from common features like drawer handles. After all, toddlers are at the height of these handles which not only puts them at risk of banging their head, if also makes it easier for them to get a hold of dangerous items like knives or heavy cooking tools like pans. As a result, a handle-less kitchen has the ability to improve safety almost instantly.

Are handle-less drawers easy to open and close?

One of the biggest misconceptions about handle-less kitchens is the way that they are utilised. After all, many homeowners believe that a handle is the only way a drawer or cupboard can be opened when in reality, handle-less designs are fitted with easy grip corners to ensure that homeowners can still navigate their kitchen effectively. In fact, some drawers have a push-to-open release which allow them to open with minimal effort

Here at PS Contacts, we follow the latest interior design trends closely in order to ensure that our kitchens are as appealing to our customers as possible. After all, slow-closing drawers and handle-less designs are well sought-after features that can improve the value of a property as well as its safety. To find out more information about our kitchens, get in contact with a member of the PS Contracts team today!

Did you know that handless drawers look great as part of a garden room? Check out our garden rooms here!

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