How to Child Proof Your Kitchen

When a couple becomes a family, it isn’t unusual for panic to set in about the safety of the property and whether everyday objects could put the child at risk during their early years. After all, toddlers are naturally inquisitive which means that accidental injuries can happen in the most unthinkable ways. With this said, the kitchen is considered one of the most dangerous places in the home when it comes to children which is why parents should ensure that they install child-proofing features. Read on as we go over the top three…

Rounded Countertops

For many years a kitchen was fitted with countertops with pointed corners which led to many minor injuries with children who happened to bump into them. Luckily, most afflictions are minor. With this said, rounded edges are an incredibly popular feature with families that have young children as they provide a modern aesthetical design whilst ensuring that children remain safe and secure inside their home.

Safety Latches

Young children love to investigate behind closed doors and this means that cupboards filled with tinned food can become a serious safety risk. As a result, parents should consider making an investment in safety latches for their kitchen which prevents children from opening doors that may put them in danger. In fact, it is even possible to buy alarmed safety latches that alert caregivers to the inquisitive nature of their child when an unsupervised attempt to open a cupboard is made.

Induction Stoves

Many property owners are unaware that there a wide range of different stoves on the market. In fact, the induction stove is the most popular and safest option for families and pet owners. After all, they only produce heat when magnetic-based pots and pans are used which prevents children from burning themselves on the residual heat left behind long after a stove has been turned off.

Here at PS Contracts, we believe that a kitchen renovation should always take safety into consideration, especially when it comes to children. After all, the countertops may reach an adult’s waist but they are often head-height for young children which means that pointed edges can lead to many bumps and bruises. To find out how to child-proof your kitchen during a 2020 renovation, get in contact with the best kitchens on the market and speak to a member of the PS Contracts team today!