Luxury Personified in a Modern Hotel-Style Fitted Bathroom

Luxury Personified in a Modern Hotel-Style Fitted Bathroom

Compared to the bedroom, kitchen and living room, we’d say the bathroom gets unfairly overlooked when it comes to interior design. From country chic to inner-city sophistication and inspiration from the orient, there are countless trends that we automatically associate with the main living areas of the house. But what about our poor bathrooms? Where do we start with their design and décor? We think we’ve found the answer in our San Mario fitted bathroom suite.

San Mario is definitely one of our most stylish fitted bathrooms, incorporating pieces that will make your everyday bathroom feel like a luxury hotel en-suite. Manufactured in a pure, glimmering white that stands out without taking over the room, it’s a versatile bathroom suite that will fit into any space. Whether you’re desperate to replicate that beautiful hotel look or searching for the perfect discreet suite to slot into a colourful kaleidoscope of a bathroom, the San Mario is perfect.

A stylish free standing bath creates a focal point that oozes sophistication, while the toilet and sink blend effortlessly into the rest of the room in a gorgeous design that’s all clean lines and chic angles. The bath on the other hand is gorgeously rounded, providing extra comfort for those who like to indulge in a long, relaxing soak in the evening.

As you can see above, the San Mario fitted bathroom suite is also really easy to accessorise. Add neutral cupboards and units to create an elegant atmosphere, an indoor plant or two for a taste of the exotic or even a flat screen television if you’re feeling really indulgent.

Of course, that isn’t all you could do with our San Mario bathroom suite, which is why the experienced professionals at PS Contracts in Manchester are on hand to give you help and advice concerning any of our fitted bathrooms, fitted kitchen units and more. Bespoke bathrooms suites in Manchester are our speciality, which is why we’ll take all of your time, monetary and technical requirements into consideration when pulling together your final design, not to mention your own personal vision for your relaxing evening retreat.

If you’d like to find out more about our bathroom suites or have a dream design in mind for either your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, don’t hesitate to call our team today on 0161 285 5200 or even pop into our Denton showroom.  We’re one of the most well respected suppliers of fitted bathrooms and fitted kitchen units in Manchester for a reason!

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