Which Colours are Popular in Kitchens?

The interior design of a kitchen has changed many times over the past 100 years as property owners have strived for the perfect balanced between functionality and aesthetics. After all, the colours that are implemented can have a big impact on the overall appeal of a kitchen once it has been refurbished. Read on as the team here at PS Contracts go over three popular colour schemes implemented in modern 21st century kitchens…


Simplicity has been a popular aesthetic over the years which is thought to contribute to the growing implementation of monochrome kitchens. After all, black and white are two opposite colours that work incredibly well together. After all, the brightness of white countertops and cupboards can bounce off the dark yet dazzling addition of jet-black appliances in order to create a finished feature that is bound to catch the eye of guests.


In order to channel the 1950’s, many homeowners have fallen in love with pastel décor. In fact, the use of pastel shades creates a soft yet magical aesthetic that certainly never fails to impress even those who prefer more subtler colours. Interestingly, pastel colours can be implemented into a kitchen in variety of ways via the countertops, walls, appliances or even the flooring.

Mood Colours

Many people are unaware how much colours can influence our mood. For example, brighter colours like yellow are happy and inviting whereas shades of blue can make a space feel colder. As a result, the implementation of mood colour schemes has been a popular choice for kitchen design as homeowners look to the experts to create a space that is welcoming both aesthetically and emotionally. In fact, white, yellow and brighter shades of blue are popular colours for a happy kitchen design.

Here at PS Contracts, we work tirelessly in order to craft kitchens that are modern yet functional and bring the clients vision to life. After all, the colour that a homeowner wants to incorporate must be able to complement the style of the kitchen seamlessly in order to provide the customers with excellent value for money. To find out more information about kitchen colours, get in contact with a member of the PS Contracts team today!