The Big Kitchen Trends of 2018

The Big Kitchen Trends of 2018

The kitchen is the heart of any garden room or home. So, it stands to reason that you’ll want it to look good.

Sadly, there’ll always come a time when your kitchen has fallen out of style. You can see it in your tired colour combinations and out-of-date pattern choices; while the cracking, fading worktop surfaces are a huge sign that you’re in need of renovation. The warning signs are always there, it’s just a matter of spotting them.

Of course, a big part of creating a fashionable, modern kitchen is keeping on top of current trends. The world of kitchen design is always evolving, with new colour schemes and design features becoming popular every single day. Well, we’re taking a quick look at the big kitchen trends of 2018.

Colour, Colour, Colour

Yep, that’s right- bold, vibrant colours are absolutely massive in 2018.

The use of such striking colour schemes has been popular throughout Scandinavian kitchens for years now, and it looks as though a similar trend has finally taken hold in the UK. Homeowners are now using their kitchens as a way of expressing their personality, and vibrant pops of colour and unique patterns are a great way of doing exactly that.

But we aren’t telling you to go straight out and paint your entire kitchen bright yellow. Instead, we’re saying your kitchen needs to represent who you are- which doesn’t necessarily mean you should go for extravagant colours.

Hidden Storage

Let’s face facts, shall we? Nobody likes clutter. In fact, for many homeowners, clutter is enemy number one.

Since it’s such a busy area of the house, with so much cooking and cleaning happening there every day, your kitchen is always going to accumulate lots of clutter. As well as regularly cleaning and tidying surfaces, many people are now implementing innovative storage techniques to combat the issue.

When you’ve got tons of tins, jars, glasses and every other kitchen utensil under the sun, the place can start to look rather untidy. However, by finding some kind of hidden storage solution, you’ll be able to cover up your clutter when guests come calling!

Using New Technology

We can’t really talk about kitchen trends without mentioning new technology. Constant technological advancements work to improve the efficiency and productivity of a kitchen area, while also lending themselves to the modern aesthetic you’ve been aiming for.

The constant launch of new SMART devices, blenders, coffee machines and dishwashers mean that you can finally build your own futuristic cooking space. New-fangled technology sits at the heart of modern kitchens in 2018, so this is a big way of staying on-trend this year.

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