The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

There are a variety of different kitchen designs available on the market that can be used in order to modernise a property with ease. After all, brand-new countertops and appliances may be able to refresh the aesthetical value of a kitchen for an affordable price but an entirely different layout during a kitchen remodelling project can create a space that is both functional and attractive. Read on as we go over 5 different kitchen layouts…


Thought to be one of the most efficient kitchen designs on the market, a gallery or parallel layout is perfect for both small and large spaces. The oven, sink, cabinets and countertops are placed on either side of the room parallel to one another and this creates a walkway through the centre. In fact, many homeowners choose this style because it can make a smaller kitchen feel much bigger.


When it comes to saving space, garden rooms have a range of different tricks up their sleeve. For example, one-wall kitchen layouts place all of the kitchen workspace against the back wall of a property with no corners in sight. In fact, this layout uses every single inch of space that is available. Although this style of kitchen is easy to navigate, it doesn’t tend to come with much countertop space.


As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen places the cabinets on the wall and creates the letter ‘L’ with the countertops around the perimeter of the kitchen. It is an ideal shape for small properties and can provide a suitable amount of space for food preparation. In fact, some homeowners also choose to add a small island or dining table in the centre depending on the size of the kitchen floor.


Also referred to as the Horseshoe design, a U-shaped kitchen places the cabinets on three walls and connects them with countertops and appliances in order to create a distinct shape of the letter ‘U’. It requires a lot more space than L-shaped kitchen layouts which means that it is recommended for larger properties, however it is thought to be the most functional kitchen layout on the market.


Peninsula kitchens are also known as G-shaped layouts and they build upon the features utilised in a U-shaped kitchen by adding another countertop that connects and blends into the existing ones seamlessly. In fact, many homeowners do not add cabinets underneath and choose to utilise this countertop space as a seating and dining area.

Whilst a brand-new kitchen layout can be a time consuming and costly renovation project, it can provide homeowners with the kitchen they have always dreamed of. After all, most old-fashioned cheap kitchens are poorly designed and do not provide homeowners with a space that is functional and easy to navigate. To find out more information about kitchen layouts, get in contact with a member of the PS Contracts team today!

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