Contract Build Or DIY

Contract Build Or DIY

Self Build Or Pay For Build

With our SIPs kits being delivered as a flat pack solution, there is the option to build your garden room yourself. If you are advanced in the application of DIY or if you are a tradesperson working in the construction industry, then assembling a garden room will most likely be easily achievable.
If you someone who’s skills lies elsewhere from construction then you may want to hire tradespeople to construct your garden room for you. A good qualified carpenter should make short work of you build, but do bear in mind that you will most likely also need someone to hook up your electricity, a plasterer to finish your internal walls and plumbing waste disposal if you decide that you would like your room plumbed for a water supply.

P.S. Contracts Build & Installation

If you do not feel like project managing and organising different tradespeople to build and install your garden room, you can call us to enquire about our build and fit service. All projects are different as each room is as individual as the person ordering the room, but with a quick call we can get a good idea of the scope of your build and furnish you with a no obligation quote.

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